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We offer a full range of products that adapt to all project sizes and budgets. our designers will consult with you and explore the different materials available on the market such as melamine, polyester, lacquered cabinets, high gloss, ultra mat surfaces, and much much more.

Our kitchens are designed to reflect your specific needs, each cabinet of your project can  be fully customized. We manufacture in house to any dimension to offer a flexible, functional, and personalized concept.

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Our experts will help you integrate style, function, and comfort in your kitchen project. We will guide you with material selection, an optimal layout, storage tips and accessory ideas that will ensure your custom kitchen exceeds your expectations.


WoodCreations offers quality custom products and services!

Infinite possibilities for your project!

custom project specialist

Special and Commercial Projects

WoodCreations also offers personalized projects for the rest of your home. From vanities, bookcases, walk-in closets to commercial projects such as offices and reception areas, meet with our designers to discuss your concept.

Beginning a Custom Project?

Book a free consultation with our specialists and benefit from our expertise. We will meet you in our showroom where you can visualize materials while we guide through the first steps of the process.

Custom project specialists


The bathroom is an crucial living space in your home. We know how to customize cabinets that will add function and beauty to your space. Whether your style is classic, modern, contemporary, or chique we can help you design captivating woodworking to perfect your bathroom.

Our expertise


Our designers will help you create an ergonomic, optimized, and comfortable space. We will guide you with tips on storage, space planning, and accessory ideas that will compliment the functionality of the project.


Would you like to see more of our projects?

Visit our portfolio page to get inspired and book a free consultation with our specialists. We will meet you in the showroom where you can visualize your ideas and benefit from our expertise.